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Forget VALENTINE’S DAY Again? Here Are Some Last Minute Ideas to Save the Day!

By Cheryl Woodley on February 9, 2014 in Photo Assignments

Valentine’s Day has a way of sneaking up on you. You’re in line at your local coffee house and you suddenly take notice of all of the heart decorations filling the shop – red, pink and white galore.  Yep, Valentine’s Day is almost here.  If you completely forgot about Valentine’s Day (again) – despite the warning signs like heart-shaped candy boxes in drugstores since January – don’t worry, we have a few last minute ideas that will help save the day and keep you out of the dog house.

Travel Gift Certificate

We love the idea of giving your significant other a travel gift certificate to a hotel or an airline like the Westin Hotels or  Jet Blue.  Simply purchase the gift certificate, slip it into a Valentine’s Day card and write a sweet note about being able to plan a romantic retreat together.  Voila – a simple but meaningful gift that can be pulled together faster than a jet plane getaway.  Your loved one will feel celebrated on Valentine’s Day and again when you take your trip. Win-win!

Coupon Book

Okay, okay – we know it’s cheesy, but just hear us out. A coupon book is a fast way to give your girlfriend or boyfriend a gift that really comes from the heart. Print out 5-10 coupons on a color printer, filled with meaningful rewards that can be cashed in on at a later date.  The coupons can range from large items like a trip to the spa, or smaller items such as a home cooked meal.  Bind the book with a few colorful ribbons and you have a gift that looks like it contains weeks’ worth of thought. Also, did we mention that this is something you could easily do during your downtime at work? We won’t tell your boss if you don’t.

Movie Gift Basket

No reservations available at the best restaurants in your area? Don’t let your significant other find out you waited until the last minute to call.  Instead, pull together a movie gift basket filled with all of their favorite movie snacks – popcorn, chocolates, maybe a nice bottle of wine, and a movie that you have both wanted to see on Blu-ray.  Not only will your loved one appreciate that you remembered their favorite “flick food” and feature of choice but a night in can prove to be much more romantic than a crowded restaurant.

These are a just few of the last minute ideas that we hope can help you on this Valentine’s Day.  We’d love to hear about the creative ways that have helped you save the day in years past!

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